Thursday, August 31, 2017

Truckee, Ca July 30 - Aug 31 2017

We arrived at Martis Creek Alpine Meadows Campground (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) at the end of July...and we will be campground hosts here until mid October.  This is a quiet little campground located minutes from downtown Truckee, and about 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe.  With only 25 sites, it's a perfect be place to be camp hosts.  Our duties include greeting campers, selling firewood, cleaning campsites and restrooms, and assisting the Park Ranger.

This is a view of Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay.  Linda, Jessica & William hiked to the bottom to see Vikingsholm - a 38-room mansion that was built in 1928...but has since become part of a California State Park.

Our campsite here at Martis Creek

The Ranger held a camp host appreciation BBQ.  The other hosts were leaving for the season, and we were just starting.  (left to right) Pat, Denise, Linda, Keely, Jacqui and Bruce

Jessica and William overlooking Emerald Bay

What a happy baby!... and a happy Mom!

Jessica and Linda visited downtown Truckee

Truckee Thursdays...a weekly event featuring many local vendors and entertainment.

We paddled down the Truckee from Tahoe City - about 4 miles.  We did this about 10 years ago with Tim, Cindy and Cindy Bordelove.  It was so much fun with the constant current of the river and several easy rapids...We didn't have to paddle too much!

Overlooking the Truckee River from downtown

This is part of the Truckee River Walk in Reno. 

Ready to have some lunch after paddling from Sand Harbor on Lake Tahoe's Nevada Side.

The emerald green glow on parts of Lake Tahoe is stunning!

This is part of the Martis Creek Trail. 

Molly has really been enjoying herself...plenty of birds, squirrels and chipmunks to watch

Sunday, August 6, 2017

San Francisco - July 26-29, 2017

We stayed at the South San Francisco Elks Lodge for 3 nights, and were able to visit some of the areas in San Francisco.  Dry-camping is only $10 a night, so that's hard to beat in a city as expensive as San Francisco.

We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, and then took an Uber ride to Sausalito and had lunch.  It's a crowded walk with all the pedestrians and bicycles.

The Elks Lodge that we stayed in is actually in South San Francisco, but we also visited the Historic Elks Lodge #3 in San Francisco and had a few cocktails.  Elks Lodge #3 was the third lodge in the U.S., founded in 1875.  New York & Philadelphia are #1 and #2.

A typical foggy day in the City by the Bay.

A bit breezy and overcast, but a nice walk...

Pier 39 was crowded with tourists.  It's a great place to people-watch!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Monterey, CA July 17-26, 2017

The Central California Coast  is arguably one of the most desirable areas.  It's rich history, beautiful weather and views make it a fun place.  Unfortunately, it's too expensive to live here.  Think how crowded it would be if it were less costly!!  Either way, we really enjoy visiting Monterey and Carmel by the Sea.

The shops and restaurants at Old Fishermans Wharf are a big tourist attraction

It's nice to see that an artist can create beauty on this old, demolished building foundation.  And I'm not talking about the guy on the right side!!

Monterey is well known for it's Cannery Row.  This is the area that supported numerous Sardine Canneries, the last of which closed in 1973.

Are we having fun yet?  Yes, she made me go to a wine-tasting...

Carmel by the Sea has so many unique shops and homes.  This is one of the little courtyards we found  

We had dinner and drinks here at Clint Eastwood's Hog's Breath Inn.  (He no longer owns it)

Miles of coastal beachfront in Carmel

This is the Carmel Mission Basilica

Part of Clint Eastwood's Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Pismo Beach, CA July 12-17, 2017

We moved up the coast to Pismo Beach.  Actually we stayed at the Oceano Elks Lodge.  Just a couple of blocks from the ocean, it's a great place to stay.

There is miles of beach here in Oceano/Pismo.  

One of the few beaches that allow vehicles is right here.  It makes the beaches very popular and busy.  If you want to relax on the beach, this may not be the best place...but if you want to have fun, it's the place to visit...especially if you have off-road vehicles.

RV beach camping is also very popular here.  However, I wouldn't recommend parking too close to the water...You never know how high the tide might get!

Our first day on the beach was rather exciting.  There was a police chase with at least 20 cops from various jurisdictions.  They chased the suspect along the waterfront...until he got stuck in the sand and decided to run.....into the water.  He didn't get too far!!

Thursday evenings host the San Luis Obispo farmers market.  Plenty of food and fun!

We rode our bikes into downtown Pismo and greeted the crowds...

The crowds are enjoying a nice sunny day in the sand.

Looks like a great place to spend the night!  But I don't think I would be comfortable dragging our Fifth Wheel down here.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Santa Barbara, CA July 7-12, 2017

We made it to Santa Barbara without a flat tire.  That's exciting!!  The traffic was terribly slow, so it took us most of the day, but once we got settled in, it was worth it.  With the temperatures in the high 70s, it's a great feeling.

Just another day at the beach, except the sign posted at the right reads "Recent Confirmed Shark Sighting".  I don't think we will be swimming today!

The boardwalk along the Santa Barbara beach was busy with lots of bikes, surreys, and walkers.

When we visit Santa Barbara, we always make a point to try some good seafood.  This was the Cioppino Seafood Stew in a sourdough bread favorite!

This artist was busy creating a very realistic sand sculpture

Tonight is "Cook Your Own Steak Night" at the Elks Lodge.  They let you choose your meat, then season and grill to your liking.  And yes, I was also wearing a hawaiian shirt...what are the chances??

Santa Barbara was experiencing a wildfire near Cachuma Lake.  The sky was filled with smoke, but it didn't really affect us in town.