Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada Sep 14-18, 2016

After visiting Niagara, we continued on through Ontario, Canada.  We camped at Pinery Provincial Park which is located right on Lake Huron.  The park is over 25 square km (10 sq miles), with over 1200 campsites.  

Watching the sunset over Lake Huron

Overlooking Lake Huron at Sunset

Walking the boardwalk path to the beach

After sunset, we rode our bikes back to the campsite on the Savannah Trail

Time for another kayak ride on the Ausable Channel.  It's located right in the campground.

Ausable Channel that empties into Lake Huron

We saw a bunch of these wild turkeys every morning.

They are a lot of fun to watch.  
Sometimes, they fly up into the trees.  Apparently, they sleep in the trees to avoid predators.

The squirrels in this part of Canada and Niagara Falls area are Black in Color.  Kind of different than what we are used to seeing.

Our campsite had ample space, but was a little awkward tying to figure out which way to park the rig.  Luckily, we had a 30 Amp extension cord, because our power pole was quite a distance from the RV. 

We visited several towns north of the campgrounds, including Grand Bend, Goderich...and our favorite - Bayfield
I had a tough time getting Linda out of the little shops in Bayfield. Thank goodness we got there late and they were closing.  I planned that just right. LOL  

We couldn't visit Canada without trying some Poutine (French Fries smothered in Gravy and Cheese Curds)  and what finer place than McDonalds???  
Linda wouldn't even look at it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Niagara Falls - Sep 9-14, 2016

Niagara Falls was even better than we expected.  There are so many different viewpoints on all different sides of the falls.  It really is breathtaking.  We camped at Darien Lakes State Park, about 20 miles from Buffalo, NY.  Since Labor Day was over, we had nearly the whole park to ourselves...and the weather was perfect!

Overlooking the American Falls from the Canadian side

The American Falls on the left...and the Horsehoe Falls on the right

At dusk, the falls are illuminated with multiple colors.  The Canadian skyline is in the background
Overlooking the American Falls from another angle.  The Rainbow bridge is in the background

The American Falls overlooking the Canadian skyline

Such a massive and forceful amount of water is amazing
We rode our bicycles from Goat Island to all the various viewpoints on the USA side of the falls.

It's fun to watch the tourboats navigating through the rough waters of the Niagara River

The Rainbow bridge that crosses between the two countries.

We sure enjoyed all the space at Darien Lakes State Park.  We only had a few neighbors, and they were very far away.

This bridge crossed over to an island at Darien Lakes Campground

We also visited the original site of the Erie Canal.  The original canal was over 300 miles long and only 4 feet deep, but it allowed for goods to be transported from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes.

Resting on a large Adirondack chair while we visited Canalside in Buffalo.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Glimmerglass State Park-Cooperstown, NY Sep 6-9, 2016

After spending our Summer in Maine, it's time to head west...our first stop was at Glimmerglass Lake State Park in Cooperstown, NY.  Cooperstown is the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Glimmerglass Lake

This is one of the reasons we love to stay at state parks.
Most State Parks have views that just don't quit. 

Glimmerglass Lake

Now that's a lot of grass to mow.. 

Hyde Hall Bridge
This is a covered bridge in the park.  Built in 1825, it's one of the oldest covered bridges in the United States

It was originally built to access Hyde Hall, a country mansion.  It was built using a 53 foot span consisting of a Burr Truss Arch.  At nearly 200 years old, it shows the skills of master carpenters.

Linda spotted this beaver near the covered bridge.

Our campsite was tucked in the trees.

Site #36 is the best site in the park.  It has a long driveway with plenty of privacy.

Downtown Cooperstown is all about baseball...

The town is surrounded by trees on all sides.  It seems so nice now, but I'll bet the winters get pretty cold.

Molly is resting after a 6-hour day on the road...

Monday, September 5, 2016

Maine in August - 2016

We're wrapping up our summer in Maine.  After arriving on May 1, now it's Labor Day...and we'll be making our way back to Nevada.  We should be back by mid-November.  We made a lot of new friends here, seen a lot of things and enjoyed great food here in New England.  

This is the Smiling Hill Farm where we enjoyed their homemade ice cream.  It's less than a mile from our campground.

We enjoyed a day on the Saco River where we paddled almost eleven miles down the river.  We really had fun, but we were both pretty tired by the time we finished.

The "Old Port" district of Portland is a great place to enjoy good food and drinks.  It's just a little tricky walking on some of the cobblestone streets (especially after a few drinks...).

Old Orchard Beach is really busy, but the water was a little too chilly for us.

The carnival at Old Orchard Beach brings a lot of activity to this small coastal town.

Our friends Ken and Vickie.  We first met them in Quartzsite, AZ a couple of years ago.  We caught up with them again in Salisbury, Mass.  They took us out to a great lunch at the Clam Box in Ipswitch, Maine.  

Ken and Vickie also took us to see the Crane Estate on Castle Hill (Ipswitch, MA).  This was built as a summer home for Mr. & Mrs. Richard Crane.  You may recognize the name when you use a public toilet or urinal...Crane Plumbing...

We took the ferry from Portland to Peaks Island.  It's a small picturesque island with some homes and several restaurants and shops.

Waiting for the ferry to get back to the mainland.
We had to have one more lobster dinner.  We picked out a couple of nice looking ones, and the shop owner boiled them and packed them in an insulated box.  and we enjoyed them at home.  Not bad for less than $6 a pound!!

This is Bob & Jerry...a couple of other Workampers!  I also worked some other great guys - JP, Lee, Bob G and Dave. 
Several of the girls that Linda worked with - Wendy, Judy and Adeline -  She also enjoyed her time with Trina, Cindy, Linda P and Angie.  They are all great and  a lot of fun!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Maine in July - 2016

July was a busy month for us.  
We went tent camping several times, visited old friends and worked more hours than we really wanted ...but all-in-all, it was a good month!

We Camped at Acadia National park in a tent for two nights.  How I let Linda talk me into tent camping is beyond me. A view from the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia NP

Another view from Cadillac Mountain.  This view overlooks Bar Harbor and the surrounding islands.  At 1528 ft, Cadillac Mountain is the highest point on the Atlantic Coastline.

This chair is Okay...but my recliner is much more comfortable!

We stayed at Blackwoods Campground.  We bought a double stacked air mattress for the tent, so it wasn't so bad.  The campground is only a few miles from Bar Harbor

At the top of Beech Cliff Trail in Acadia NP

Downtown Bar Harbor stays busy during the Summer

Waiting for our lunch at the Bar Harbor Brewing Company

Ron & Pat (from Pahrump) invited us to spend the day with them.  They spent the week at a beautiful rental home overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.  It was a great day in a gorgeous setting.  Thanks Ron & Pat! 

This made Linda's day!  No more trips to the laundromat!!

She talked me into it again!  We stayed two nights here at Lily Bay State Park.  It's located on Moosehead Lake in Central Maine.  

Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake

Sunset on Moosehead Lake.

We had a nice surprise visit from our friends Duncan & Donna...and Phil & Lorie.  It's always nice to see familiar faces!!