Thursday, June 15, 2017

Oceanside, CA June 8-15, 2017

It was nice to escape from the desert in Oceanside.  We stayed at the Elks Lodge RV Park - and everyone must have had the same other vacancies!  

Sunset on the beach in Oceanside

Linda is busy taking pictures under the Oceanside Pier

We rode our bikes from Oceanside down to Carlsbad.

We decided to get rid of the old curtains, and built some new cornices for all the windows.  It gives it a fresh, clean look

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pahrump, NV June 4-8, 2017

We stayed at Lakeside RV Resort in Pahrump (Site #35).  While here, we visited with Tom & Debbie.  Also, Jessica and Erik stopped by on Sunday as well.  It was a little on the warm about 100 degrees, so we didn't get many photos at this stopover. 

Sunrise at the Lakeside Resort.  This view was directly across from our RV Site.

Sunset in Pahrump.  We snapped this picture about a mile from the RV Park.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Boulder City, NV May 24-June 4, 2017

We left Prescott early due to Linda's Mom having surgery.  She had Double Bypass Surgery with a few complications.  We are thankful that we could be with her during this time.  She is at home now, and doing much better!

To escape the heat, we went to Mt Charleston and hiked the Bristlecone Trail.  These Bristlecone Pines can live up to 5,000 years...making them among the oldest living things on earth

It was great escaping the desert heat.  We even threw a few snowballs during the hike...
Their twisty, gnarly bark and branches give the trees a uniquely beautiful appearance

Thankful to have our second air conditioner replaced...At 105 degrees, it was a necessity!

Boulder City's 13th Annual Best Dam BBQ and Car Show

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Prescott, Arizona - April 28 - May 24, 2017

We volunteered our time here at Prescott Pines Christian Camp during the month of May.  In exchange, we were provided a campsite with full hookups and most meals were also provided.  They are dedicated to providing a Church Camp experience for kids of all ages.  Mom & Dad Robinson visited us while we were here.  Also, we met up with Ken and Ruth as they were camping here in Prescott.  We were planning on staying another month, but Linda's Mom had double bypass heart surgery, and we thought it would be best if we could be nearby to be with her.

We  brought our kayaks to Lynx Lake, but after hiking around the lake, we were too tired to launch the kayaks...maybe another day.

After hiking, Keith introduced us to Geochaching.  We actually found one!  We might try to find more in the future!
Ruth, Linda and Ken at the lake

Hiking through the trees at Lynx Lake

Linda and I went to the Historic Elks Theater to see Esteban.  It was a great concert

Dinner and drinks at the Historic Palace Restaurant & Saloon

Linda staying busy sanding and varnishing the picnic tables.

Meredith, Keith and I were working on building a small barn for 2 miniature horses

Re-plastering the swimming pool.  This was not such a fun job, but everyone is happy that it's finally finished...

Carol, Linda and Linda repairing one of the teepees

Our campsite was great.  We had views of all the Ponderosa Pines, squirrels, hummingbirds, deer and coyotes.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Las Vegas - March 30 - April 28, 2017

We came back to Vegas area to see family and friends...and most of all to meet our new grandson - William Dean!!  Jessica and Erik had their second boy.  He was born on April 10th...and he's perfect!

Waiting patiently for little William to arrive!

Myles can't wait to meet his new brother.  He's hoping that William will also like Star Wars and other Superheros -LOL

Here he is!  Welcome to the world, William Dean

Meemaw is so happy and looking forward to spoiling William.

We got to see Myles play T-Ball.  He really likes it...and is getting pretty good at hitting, catching and throwing.

Playing First-Base was fun for him.

Cindy, Linda, Janelle, Chelsea and Jessica relaxing at Tim and Cindy's house while Tim cooked up a big pot of delicious Gumbo!  

Yikes!...He's so tiny!!!

Delores, Kirsten, Erin, Terri and Ruth taking a break from playing their weekly card game.

Kayak ride up the Colorado River from Willow Beach to Emerald Cave

Brian and I helped Dad with building his new shed.  The weather was perfect...and the shed turned out great! 

We both rode our bikes from the Boulder City to Brian's house in Henderson.  It was a great ride there...coming back to Boulder City...not so great - It was mostly uphill - but it was great exercise.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Indian Hills Camp - Jamul, Ca Mar 3-30, 2017

About a year ago, we applied to volunteer with an RVing organization, and after the background checks were verified, we were finally accepted.  It's called S.O.W.E.R.(Servants on Wheels Ever Ready).  It's a Christian Ministry where RVers volunteer their time and talents in helping with new construction, maintenance or repairs at churches, retreats, orphanages, schools, etc.  

Our first project is here at Indian Hills Camp in Jamul, California.  It's just outside of San Diego in the foothills.  More than 20,000 kids pass through here each year. 

With different lodging options such as Old West Town cabins, teepees, tents, covered wagons...and activites like paintball, zipline, campfires, farmyard, BMX's a great time for all the kids.

Richard and I helped to re-shingle the roof on the Dining Hall, and then we started construction of this 12x16 shed for the Well Pump. 
 Linda and Toni spent their time painting this amphitheater and a shed. With over 80 structures and buildings...painting is a never-ending task.  

Toni and Linda feeding the donkeys their daily carrots...

On one of our days off, we (Dick, Toni, Linda and I) took the train from El Cajon into Old Town, San Diego.
This is actually a train layout at the Model Train Museum in San Deigo...It almost looks real!!!

This guy needs no introduction!

Linda met up with some of her photography friends (Sharon & Sonya) in Encinits, CA

This is one of the shopping areas in Pacific Beach.  It's so fun to walk here and then only minutes to the beach.

We walked through the campgound here at Carlsbad State Beach.  We used to camp here for many years.  It brings back a lot of good memories...

Molly is enjoying the great outdoors too.  from inside the RV

Friday, March 3, 2017

Mission Bay - San Diego Jan 31-Mar 3, 2017

We always enjoy staying in San Diego.   From the beaches to the trains.  From the farmers markets to the hustle and bustle of downtown San Diego.  There is always something to do.  Even with several days of rain, the weather here can't be beat!  The month sure did fly by!!! 

We never get tired of seeing the waves crashing at the beach

This is part of the path around the bay.  We walk around this nearly every day.

It was a cool foggy morning on the boardwalk at Mission Beach.  It almost looks like we're in London!

The pier at Pacific Beach looks so cool with their little bungalows.  

Linda, Sonja and I had a nice breakfast after a great bike ride.

This place is always busy with people enjoying views of the ocean while drinking beer and listening to great music.   

On the grassy bluff overlooking Pacific Beach

We had the opportunity to kayak around part of Mission Bay.

The Historic Heart of San Diego is here in the Gaslamp Quarter.  Always great food and fun walking up and down the streets here.
A visit to Seaport Village