Sunday, May 6, 2012

San Francisco May 3-6, 2012

We flew into San Francisco on Thursday morning.  When we arrived, we took the BART straight from the airport to our hotel, where we checked our luggage.  Then we went exploring.  We walked up and down the streets in the Civic Center and Union Square districts.  We stopped at few pubs and enjoyed a few drinks and a dinner. 
On Friday, we took a 2-hour walking tour.  It's called City Scapes, where we got to explore all the POPO's (Privately Owned Public Open Spaces).  Basically, roof-top parks...Very Cool.  Then, we went to the Ferry Building and did some shopping...
Saturday, we spent visiting the Wharf, Ghiardelli Square, Pier 39, Coit Tower (what a climb),
On Sunday, we went to Golen Gate Park, where we went to the top of Strawberry Point for a view.  Then, we went to the Academy of Sciences.  They have an aquarium, a rain forest with loads of butterflies and birds and frogs.  They also have a planetarium, but we ran out of time...and energy.

Trolley turn-around station
Linda enjoying a ride on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) on our way from San Francisco Airport to Hotel Whitcomb

Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park

Are these homes and shops built on a steep hill...or what!

Morning view from our hotel window

Glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge...from Strawberry Point in the Golden Gate Park

Linda is trying to get the perfect shot of the ducks

I found my thrill on Strawberry Hill!


Linda R said...

Very nice sweetie. But I do think you need my permission to post my photos..


Becca said...

Hey Bruce! Love your blog and I enjoy seeing all of your travel adventures here. It will be another great way for me to keep up with you guys! Love the first photo at the Trolley turn around...the street looks wet like it had previously rained. Looks like it was yet another fun trip!

lisa. said...

You two are adorable!!!