Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mt. Charleston - July 2012

We spontaneously decided to take a tent camping trip to Mt Charleston for the weekend. It's pretty hot here in Vegas, so it sounded like fun...and we did have fun! We left Thursday after work, and tried to get in to several campgrounds in Lee Canyon, but they were all full. One of the hosts suggested Old Mill Picnic Area which is also a 'tent only' campground. We really didn't know it existed, but it was quite nice. It got a little crowded during the weekend, because there was a concert on the mountain...but the weather was perfect. We spent time hiking, cooking, playing games, reading, and people-watching. Lot's of people coming and going.

Our cozy campsite

A view of Mummy Mountain

A morning hike along this shortcut to Bristlecone Trail
This little guy seems to like Triscuits!

Linda captured this beautiful silhouette of a Blue Jay

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