Sunday, October 28, 2012

Williams, Arizona - October 2012

We left Thursday morning and stopped for breakfast at the Iron Skillet just east of Kingman.  We had a delicious order of biscuits and gravy.  That gave us the energy to complete the last 70 miles or so...We pulled into the Canyon Motel and RV Park.  It was a pretty nice park with full hookups, heated pool, store and gift shop...but not many trees in the actual RV park.   The days were perfect.   It was in the mid 60s during the days, but the temperature really dropped at night - down to the lower to mid 20s.  It was a good test for our new electric space heater.   It worked OK, but the electric blanket was the best!
While in Williams, we strolled around the town and did some window shopping, etc. It's a real cowboy town. Most of the folks were pretty friendly. We visited one of the older establishments.  The Sultana Bar and Theater.   This place has some real history. The bar has the oldest liquor license (AZ) that has never been dropped...even during prohibition (since 1906).  They simply sold their goods from the basement (by invitation only). The theater showed the first 'talkie' movie in Northern Arizona.   And this is the location that the sheriff was shot 5 times (in the 50's), and the bullet hole is still in the tin ceiling.
On Friday, we went to a newer attraction called 'Bearizona'.   It's only been open for a few years, and they have big plans to continue expanding.   It consists of a wildlife sancturary that you can actually drive your vehicle on a 3-mile safari.   Then, you can take a lieserely walking tour, and finally take in a raptor (bird) show. It was well worth seeing this place.
On Saturday, we drove about 30 miles to Flagstaff, and did a lot of window shopping, and stopped for a pizza lunch.
On the way home on Sunday, we took Route 66 through Seligman. That sure is a nostalgic town. This was a great trip. We should go more often, because it's less than 4 hours from home.
Entrance to campground with vintage firetruck, caboose and cabins.

This hawk flew over our heads.  His wings actually touched Linda's hair. 

Now that's a wise old bird!

These crows were pretty smart.  They know how to take your money, and put it in the tip jar.

It looks like a police lineup...3 masked bandits.

Hey, I ordered Baby Back Ribs!!