Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mt. Charleston - July 2012

We spontaneously decided to take a tent camping trip to Mt Charleston for the weekend. It's pretty hot here in Vegas, so it sounded like fun...and we did have fun! We left Thursday after work, and tried to get in to several campgrounds in Lee Canyon, but they were all full. One of the hosts suggested Old Mill Picnic Area which is also a 'tent only' campground. We really didn't know it existed, but it was quite nice. It got a little crowded during the weekend, because there was a concert on the mountain...but the weather was perfect. We spent time hiking, cooking, playing games, reading, and people-watching. Lot's of people coming and going.

Our cozy campsite

A view of Mummy Mountain

A morning hike along this shortcut to Bristlecone Trail
This little guy seems to like Triscuits!

Linda captured this beautiful silhouette of a Blue Jay

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Portland, Oregon July 2012

We had almost 2 weeks for our trip to Portland.  I think it's the longest vacation I've ever taken!  We left on Tuesday, Jul 3rd at about 1pm.  We stopped for the evening in Fallon, NV at the Walmart.  It was nice, but a little warm.  Then on day 2, we made it to Valley of the Rogue State Park, between Ashland and Grants Pass, Oregon.  This was a nice would have been nice to stay longer. On Thursday, we arrived at Jantzen Beach RV park.  This place is located on Hayden Island (on the Columbia River) between Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, WA.  We really liked the park, because it was only about 10 miles to Jessica and Erik's apartment.While in Portland, we visited with Erik's Mom and Dad (John and Alice), and Erik's cousin Katie.  They were great fun!  We all went out to eat at some nice restaurants, and did a lot of walking.  Jessica and and Erik's apartment is really nicely decorated, and they live in an awesomee neighborhood...I'm so jealous!  We were able to spend a lot of time with our grandson Myles.  He is a lot of fun...and so cute.  Myles is 15 months old now.
We had time to take a day-trip to Seattle to visit with our friends Russ and Rebecca. They played tourguide, and took us to Pike's Market, a Ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, and we drove around parts of Seattle and Kirkland. We had a great time! It was so nice of them to show us their city!
After 8 days in Portland, we had to leave. On the way home, we left early and made it to Tonopah, NV. The next day, we were home by 10am. The only trouble we had during the trip was a broken battery charger/converter. We were able to find another one in Portland, so it all turned out OK

Here we are at the Valley of the Rogue State Park in Oregon

The whole gang at La Calaca Mexican Restaurant

Time to leave Valley of the Rogue, and get to Portland

Alice, John and Linda at Kell's Irish Pub in Portland.  Lots of drinks, food and fun. 

Linda taking a picture at the Rose Garden

The bridge is raising for the ship

What are they looking for?

Myles at the RV Park