Monday, December 31, 2012

Lake Havasu - December 2012

We took a trip to Lake Havasu for New Years Eve party.  On the way, we stopped at Mom & Dad Robinson's.  We celebrated Mom's birthday, and went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.  We also played cards, and looked at Christmas lights in the area.  Then, we visited Mom & Dad Rodda.  We went to lunch, played some more cards, and helped to fix their bathroom shower valve.  I actually enjoy working on that kind of stuff. On New Years Eve, we made our way down to Lake Havasu where we parked the RV at Dave & Tammy's house.  Their back yard is set up pretty nice for entertaining.  Their patio was converted into a 'Tiki Bar'.  It was really cool.  We actually stayed awake into the new year!!!This was the final trip of 2012.  Looking forward to 2013...

Here's the whole crew...

Dart Tournament
Tim & Cindy

I think Tim found a new friend...
Lori & Donna 
Lori & Phillip
Duncan & Donna