Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back in Boulder City June 2-26, 2013

Well, after our trip to Morro Bay, we had to come back to reality...and now we're back in Boulder City.  Actually, we really like Boulder City.  It's great living near the restaurants and stores.  If it weren't for the extreme heat, it would be nearly perfect.

I discovered a problem with the RV.  It looks like there was a leak in the roof one time.  The water collected in the hitch overhang area, and distorted the fiberglass panel.  I have another panel on order...and in the meantime, I got the roof all sealed again.  Just like a Stix & Brix home, it's a constant battle to be vigilant for potential maintenance issues. 

Now, we're just waiting for our final vacation to Rogue River, Oregon.  After that, we will have about a month left...and our permanent vacation starts.  It's pretty exciting!

Taking a Stroll in residential Boulder City

Got up work on the roof before the heat of the day 


Becca said...

Loved seeing photos of the little town where I was born! I have photos and memories of being all dressed up and attending the Governor's Ball years ago with my Dad in his dress blues at the BC Hotel. :-)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Welcome back! Lovely photos of boulder city, I love boulder city. I know the heat, I can't go into my backyard unless I am willing to get up early in the morning, which is tough!