Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yellowstone - September 2013

We took a day-trip to Yellowstone, and we sure picked a good day!  It was a foggy morning, so it seemed a little bit eerie as we were driving through the area.  As we got near the Continental Divide at the ridge of the mountains, we were able to view Yellowstone's first snowfall of the season.  These National Parks are huge, so it was an all-day adventure to drive around the park, and also do a little bit of hiking.  The trees in Yellowstone NP have grown quite a bit since the big fires of 1988.  It's quite interesting to see the different layers of growth.  We didn't see any Moose, but we sure saw our share of Bison.  

Staircase to the Lower Falls in Yosemite...328 Steps...not too bad going down, but at this elevation...a challenge getting back up!!

We made it to the bottom of the falls...Now we just have to get back up to the top!!


Becca said...

That's so beautiful! Glad you're getting to see some different weather! I love it! Wow, those stairs! I'm afraid they'd have to send a helicopter after me! Lol!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

I was just over visiting Linda's blog and thought I'd see where you guys have been lately. wow, what a trip!!Fabulous images! I want to buy the book you two write when you finally decide to settle down again.
I told her that you guys should drive your custom camper over here to Germany so she can give me some foto lessons and I'd let you hook up to our electricity for about it:)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures as usual from you two! Where are you off to next? Doug and Michelle

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Yep, beautiful!!!! it is on our list!!!!