Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our First Camp Hosting Job

It's been 3 months since we started our retirement adventure, and here we are at our first Camp Hosting Job.  I really wouldn't call it a job, because it's such a great environment to experience.  We're the Upper Forest Campground Hosts at Fort Worden State Park.  We have 30 sites here with Electricity and Water at each site.  Each site also has a picnic table and a nice firepit.  We also have 5 primitive walk-in sites for tents and backpackers.  Today, We only have 3 campsites filled.  It's pretty slow this time of year, but hopefully it will pick up this Veterans Day Weekend.
There is also a Beach Campground here with 50 full hookup sites.  All the sites are paved with plenty of green grass.
Fort Worden is comprised of over 430 acres.  It's an old Military Fort that was established around the turn of the 20th century.  It was built to protect the Puget Sound.  It remained a military facility until after World War II.  There are many buildings that have been fully restored.  The Commanding Officer's Quarters allow visitors to tour the building, and see all the furnishings inside as well.  We haven't taken the tour yet, but hope to see it before we leave.  There are also a couple of small museums, gift shop, cafe, spa, laundry facility.  Fort Worden is also home to a number of schools, including the Port Townsend school of Woodworking, 
We have so much to explore!

Our Camp Host Site 
This is a view of the campground - looking out from our door

This is the old HQ Barracks and Dormitory...There are quite a few other buildings that look similar to this. 
Alexander's Castle - This was here prior to Fort Worden

Marine Science Center on the East side of the Peninusla

We see deer every single day here...We even had to wait for several to cross the road in the middle of Port Townsend.

I guess they're a little bit exhausted

Military Cemetery here at Fort Worden


Terry said...

Great photos! This vacation is not costing me a thing! Love it!

Becca said...

Nice! Lovely photos, and I love the deer! Seeing deer still reminds me of that scene with Joe Pesci and Marissa Torme in My Cousin Vinny! Lol Speaking of movies, now I want to see An Officer and a Gentleman again...that one shot of the barracks looks like the one they used in the movie. Glad you guys are happy and comfortable up here...looking forward to seeing photos of your "new" site now too. :-)

Lynn said...

what an interesting place..and seeing deer everyday would be a dream!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Looks like fun you guys!!!!