Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lake Mead, April 24-30, 2013

 April 24th was the day that we began our fulltime RVing adventure.  We sold off a lot of our stuff on Ebay and Craigslist.  We had a couple of yard sales, and gave a bunch of stuff away.  We put most of our keepsakes and important papers, etc. in storage...and the rest is in the RV.  What a job!!  We're sure glad that's done, and now we can begin living the RV dream.  Fortunately...or unfortunately... the house sold very quickly, so we still have about 3 months before I can retire.  Our first stop was here at Lake Mead Boulder Beach Campground.  Linda's sister, Cindy and Tim were also there for the weekend.  It was great waking up to see the sunrise over the lake and mountains.  The only bad part was the heat.  It got unusually hot for this time of year...up to about 100 degrees.  We were constantly filling the generators to power the A/C unit.  We finally decided to pack it up, and head to Boulder City Elks Lodge RV park. 

Saying Goodbye to our old House...Lived here in the Stix & Brix home for 20 years...We're going to miss it, but looking forward to seeing this great country of ours.

All packed up and ready to go!
Cindy, Cindy & Linda...the 3 Amigos!