Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Idaho

The weather here in Idaho has taken a turn.  It's been rather chilly, but it's been really fun being here for the past month.  We're going to miss Idaho, Wyoming and the beauty of the National Parks.  At the same time, we're looking forward to seeing Jessica, Erik and Myles in Portland.  We'll be staying in Oregon for the entire month of October, so that will be nice.  

I don't think we'll be riding the bicycles today.

Our cowboy-snowman.  He was gone the following day.

We found this hiking trail not far from our camping spot.

Linda made it across the creek...It's a good thing she didn't fall, because it was too far to carry her back to the truck!

Overlooking Jenny Lake in Grand Teton NP

Goodbye Victor, Idaho RV Park

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yellowstone - September 2013

We took a day-trip to Yellowstone, and we sure picked a good day!  It was a foggy morning, so it seemed a little bit eerie as we were driving through the area.  As we got near the Continental Divide at the ridge of the mountains, we were able to view Yellowstone's first snowfall of the season.  These National Parks are huge, so it was an all-day adventure to drive around the park, and also do a little bit of hiking.  The trees in Yellowstone NP have grown quite a bit since the big fires of 1988.  It's quite interesting to see the different layers of growth.  We didn't see any Moose, but we sure saw our share of Bison.  

Staircase to the Lower Falls in Yosemite...328 Steps...not too bad going down, but at this elevation...a challenge getting back up!!

We made it to the bottom of the falls...Now we just have to get back up to the top!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Fun in the Tetons

It's hard to believe that we only have about a week left in the Wyoming and Idaho area.  It's really beautiful here with the mountains, trees, golden fields of wheat, rivers and lakes.  We've enjoyed some day-hikes, bicycle rides, and getting to know the area.  It's like we've become 'temporary locals'.  We've been to the Grand Teton National Park several times, and spent quite a bit of time in Jackson, Wyoming.  We even spent a day at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot, Idaho.  I also finally got the RV metal skirting and fender parts to repair our tire blow-out damage from Nevada.  It looks like new again!  

Our campsite at Teton Valley RV Park

We had a great time with our friends Doug & Michelle while they were in the Victor, Idaho area

Entertaining Cowboys at the Bar J Ranch
These guys were really good!! 

Cowboy cooking Dutch Oven Biscuits at the Bar J Ranch

Our boat ride across Jenny Lake - Grand Teton National Park

Beautiful Lake at the end of our hike at Grand Teton NP

Another beautiful lake at Grand Teton NP

This sign says it Idaho

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Teton Valley RV Park - Victor, Idaho

Well, we've been here in Victor, Idaho for a week now, and we really love this location.  It's a nice quiet town with less than 2,000 residents.  We're only about 30 minutes from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We have about three weeks left here, so I hope we can squeeze in all the things we would like to see, plus time to relax!

They take their potatoes seriously here!

20-mile bike ride to Driggs for breakfast

I think Linda is resting after our short hike...Isn't she cute!


Jackson Hole Ski Resort and Tram

We saw the 'Honky Tonk Angels' Melodrama at the Jackson Hole Playhouse...It was really quite good

Linda & Bruce at the 'Million Dollar Cowboy Bar' in Jackson...They have Horse Saddles used for bar stools...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Calamity Campground - Palisades Dam Idaho Aug 25-Sep 1, 2013

Calamity Campground is located at the top of the Palisades Dam, on the Snake River.  It's located in Eastern Idaho, between Idaho Falls and Jackson Hole, Wyoming at about 5,900 ft elevation.  The temps have been in the mid 70s every day with a little bit of rain most every day.  Most days, we have been the only campers at the campground...besides the host.  We're surrounded by lush foliage, an occasional deer, some squirrels and birds.  We've taken a few side trips to Jackson Hole, Idaho Falls, and a few small towns in between.  This area is really nice, but I hear the winters are very, very, very cold.  Our next stop will be in Victor, Idaho.

Our Campsite

Idaho Falls

No, they're not real...but it's a great looking sculpture with waterfall!

Yeah, it's real...I believe it's an Osprey.