Saturday, May 3, 2014

Colorado Springs - April 21-May 3, 2014

We ventured north from Albuquerque to Colorado Springs area. The weather has been mixed here.  Mostly the temps have been in the 50s and 60s...sometimes up in the 70s.  The wind has been the only problem here.  There have been several days with winds around 25mph.  However, most days were great!

We're staying at Garden of the Gods RV Campground.  If we are ever in this area again, I wouldn't hesitate to stay here.  The park is located on Colorado Avenue between Historic Old Colorado City (2 miles) and Scenic Manitou Springs (3 miles).  We have a clear view of Pike's Peak from the RV.  All the major scenic attractions are near this area.  We rode our bicycles on the Midland Trail to Manitou Springs several times and visited lots of nice shops and eateries.  The Garden of the Gods National Monument has a nice visitor center and plenty of hiking trails.  We also visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  It's one of the best zoo's I've ever visited...not because of it's size...It's actually quite small.  We were able to see many of the animals up close.  The grizzly bears, gorillas and giraffes were only inches away.  The zoo setting is on the side of a mountain, so many of it's areas use the natural beauty of the landscape. 

Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs


Terry said...

What a wonderful place to stay for awhile! Well you two enjoy the summer and I am sure there will be many photos to follow!

Davi said...

Looks like such a fun place to visit. Awesome animal shots!! Looks like its a great start to you guys summer :)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Looks like fun there, 50-60s, hey share some of those with us folks in Vegas, the heat is coming, yikes! : (