Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Long Road Back to Arizona

Linda's  Dad isn't doing very well.  He came down with a bout of pneumonia.  We had less than 2 weeks left in Port Townsend, but we decided it was time to say goodbye to our new friends here, and make the 1,385 mile journey back to Arizona.  It took about 3 days.  We stopped in Ashland, Oregon at a park called Glenyan RV Resort.  It was a convenient stopping point for the first night.  We unhooked, and drove to the town...about 5 minute away.  We had a few beers, and visited with some of the locals.  It's a really nice place.  If it weren't for the high income taxes (over 8%), I think Oregon would be a nice place to live.  Oh well... The next night we made it to Pixley, California.  It's just outside of Bakersfield.  The next day, we arrived at Linda's Mom & Dad's place. 
Her Dad seems to be getting better, so that's good.  I guess it will be one day at a time...
Today, we are going to Kingman, Arizona to see my Mom and Dad.  It's nice that they live only about 60 miles away. 

Just before all of this driving, I decided it was time to flush the cooling system on the truck (50,000 miles).  So, I studied all the Ford websites and blogs.  It seems that everyone recommends flushing the original Ford coolant, and replacing with the stuff designed for Caterpillar Diesels.  It lasts much longer, with fewer problems.  So, I drained the fluid...It still looked pretty good.  Then I flushed with two different cleaners (Restore and Restore Plus).  One of the chemicals removed the residue from the Ford Coolant, and the other removed any rust, scale, etc.  It really cleaned a lot of crud from the system.  The problem was that the crud also ended up partially plugging the oil cooler!  So, now I'm looking for a good diesel mechanic to replace the oil cooler.  If anyone knows a good mechanic in Nevada or Arizona, let me know.

It's our 15th wedding anniversary this Thursday, so we're planning a trip to Ventura Beach, California.  We really enjoy that area.

Leaving Port Townsend