Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wildlife here at Hermit Park

Since the campgrounds are still closed due to last year's flood damage, it's been very quiet here. We have seen some pretty amazing wildlife during our first month here in Estes Park.  The contractors have just begun to fix the roads in the campground, so it won't be long before we have some campers.  It's been a pretty nice 'vacation'.  Here are a few photos that Linda took of some of our 'visitors'.  

Bighorn Sheep...just like in Nevada, except these guys get to eat grass! (lol)

We spotted this Bobcat while we were playing cards (inside).  He was a pretty big fella.

Here is a bull elk
There's still a good amount of velvet on his antlers.  Later in the summer, they will become larger and more calcified.  They can grow up to an inch a day!

A few more elk just lounging around
Prairie Dog we spotted while on a bicycle ride in Boulder, CO.

We've been feeding these for about a week now, and have seen at least 6 of them.

OK, it may not be wildlife, but it's a pretty interesting looking beetle.