Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lompoc, CA Mar 5-10, 2015

Lompoc (pronounced lom-poke) - It's the City of Arts and Flowers.  Well, this time of year...not so many flowers, but there is Art.  The Art is in the form of Murals on the buildings.  Regarding the flowers, it has been dubbed the flower seed capital of the world. 

Lots of rolling hills with plenty of Green

Strolling down Jalama Beach

I spotted this pretty Mermaid on a rock in the ocean

The Dutch town of Solvang, California


Davi said...

Such a beautiful area to be exploring! Awesome mural. You better rescue that pretty Mermaid and take her home with you :) Enjoy your time there!

Terry said...

Oh I do believe I recognize that pretty Mermaid!!! Enjoy!