Friday, March 27, 2015

Napa Balloon Ride - Mar 25, 2015

While staying in Napa, we booked a Balloon Ride for Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to weather, so we rescheduled for Wednesday.  We were fortunate to have nearly perfect weather for the flight.  It was a great experience.  It's nearly impossible to get air sickness, as you are literally floating with the breeze.  The only real control is to go up or down, relying on the varying wind currents at different heights.  We ascended to a height of about 2,500 feet, and at times we were traveling at over 25 mph.  The strange thing felt as if we weren't moving at all.  A really unique experience.


Sylvia said...

I have missed so many posts, Bruce, absolutely a wonderful life you have! Love all the pictures of things I will never see. I love the thought of riding in a balloon. I had thought one day maybe to go to Albuquerque and ride there, but your trip looks fabulous! Can't wait to see the next adventures as you reach Oregon!

Becca said...

I meant to leave a comment on this earlier, but guess I forgot. Anyway, I'm so glad you guys did this in Napa! It was many years ago that I did, but truly an amazing experience! It's lovely flying, quietly over the hills of vineyards, with only the sound of the burner flame isn't it? Our basket wasn't that large though. I'm sure over the years it's become so much more popular, they had to adjust! Enjoyed your photos!