Thursday, March 26, 2015

Napa, CA - Mar 20-25, 2015

Even with every other State in America now making wines, Napa still has some of the most beautiful vineyards.  However, they only produce about 4% of the State's wine.  Even if you don't drink wine, it's a beautiful area to visit.

Walking Path along the Napa River.  We walked this path every morning.  It's right in back of the Napa Elks Lodge.

Taking a little rest in between our shopping and walking.

Downtown Napa - along the River Front.

Castello di Amorosa - Winery and Vineyards
The castle has 107 rooms on 8 levels, with 4 above and 4 below ground.  It was built using 12th century techniques.  Includes a moat, drawbridge, 5 towers with battlements, chapel, and yes...even a torture chamber!

Interior Courtyard

At the Great Hall - Waiting for Dinner??

Wine Tasting

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Becca said...

Great photos! I love Napa...and wine. :-) heehee. It's been too many years since I've been there though. Love the shot of you in the BIG chair, and Russ will like the Gargoyle shot. Enjoy your stay in Rogue Valley.