Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Great Outdoors

The weather is warming up here (Seal Rock, Oregon).  It's been in the 60s lately, and may get to the 70s by this weekend!!    It's amazing how the temperature rises so much when you travel a few miles inland.  We bought a couple of kayaks, and took them out to Beaver Creek a few times.  They are a lot of fun, and so relaxing on this lazy river.  We also explored a few new hiking trails, and they were great!

Drift Creek Falls Trail

Suspension Bridge at Drift Creek Falls.  It's about 240 feet long

Drift Creek Falls (to the left) plunges about 60 feet over the side of the rock.  The suspension bridge (to the right) is about 100 feet above the river.

Trail at Cape Perpetua

Linda in the orange kayak, and our friends Donna & Duncan in their Canoe.  We packed a lunch and some drinks, and had a great time.

Backing in to our "picnic area"

Since we bought the kayaks, I built this rack on the top of our RV.  

Looking over the rear Air Conditioner unit.

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