Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bend Oregon - Oct 22-25, 2015

This was our first time to Bend, Oregon.  We stayed at the Bend Elks Lodge RV Parking area for 3 nights and visited some of the nearby areas.  Bend has a high desert climate.  It has a 4-seasons with cold winters and warm summers.  The town seems to be prospering and growing.  We enjoyed it!

This is a view of the Old Mill Shopping District - from across the Deschutes River

This is part of the walking trail that follows the Deschutes River - at the Old Mill District

We spent one afternoon in the nearby tourist town of Sisters.  It is loaded with lots of quaint shops

While in Sisters, we caught a glimpse of the Homecoming Parade

Bend has a very nice museum that features some of the wildlife and living history

We did a little spelunking (cave exploring).  This is the Boyd Cave that was formed from hot lava - also called a lava tube. The tunnel is over 1800 feet long.


Davi said...

Looks like you two are having an amazing time!! What a way to spend retirement. Stay safe :)

Terry said...

It may be high desert, but still is green! LOL! My daughter thinks we would like Bend! Have fun!