Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Las Vegas Area Feb 9-21 2016

After a month in San Diego we made our way back to Las Vegas to say goodbye to our friends and family before we head back east.

After staying the first night at Tom & Debbie's in Pahrump,  we spent the next 5 nights at the Oasis RV Resort on the Las Vegas Strip.  A nice change from the Elks Lodge where we usually stay.  Much closer to friends and family.  We don't think Myles liked it much because there was no McDonald's close by.  LOL

Our next two stops we visited our parents in Kingman and in Mohave Valley, AZ. We always enjoy playing cards and chatting.

After a quick stop in Quartzite AZ we headed to Yuma, AZ.  It was our first time to Yuma and we were quite surprised to see the agriculture there. We stayed with John and Alice and were given the Nickel tour of Yuma. 

We also enjoyed watching John bring in a few Big Fish..  

Of Course as wonderful as we think full time RVing is...there are times that aren't so fun..  We had a tire blowout on Hwy 95. But luckily no damage was done to the RV.


Jackie Mc Guinness said...

We missed Vegas this winter, the first time in 3 years. We have spent the winter in Mexico.

Davi said...

Looks like you were able to fit lots into a short time!! Boy Myles sure is growing up. Safe travels as you are heading back east! You are heading back to a beautiful area.