Saturday, March 5, 2016

New Orleans, Louisiana Mar 1-4, 2016

New Orleans is a lot more fun than we ever expected.  While Bourbon Street is great, all of the French Quarter is equally nice.  It seems that they must have completely rebounded since Hurricane Katrina.  While in New Orleans, we stayed at Lake Pontchartrain Landing.  Some of the campsites were overlooking the water, and they have a beautiful restaurant, bar and gift shop.  The best part was the daily shuttle bus to the French Quarter.  It was very convenient.  

Doesn't this look like it was right out of a Cinderella movie??  It's St. Louis Cathedral in the background.

This is "Uncle Louie".  He is one of the many local Street Performers.  You can read about his story here

This Stogie Smoking, larger than life guy may look like another street performer, but he's actually one of the New Orleans Motorcycle Cops. - Pretty cool! 

We saw lots of wild alligators while on a Swamp-Bayou Boat tour.  It was fun to see them so close-up...but I think it made Linda  little

Spanish Moss hanging from the trees in the Bayou.  This is where the alligators hang out.  It's near the old fishing village of Jean Lafitte, Louisiana

No, I didn't catch him...The boat captain found him, and was keeping him as a pet...for now.

This is Oak Alley Plantation.  It's about an hour's drive west of New Orleans.  We toured the house as well as the beautiful grounds.  While on the bus ride, the tour guide provided us with lot's of information about New Orleans.

Linda captured this image from the balcony of the house.  These are huge  Live Oaks, estimated to be about 300 years old.  They stay green year around!

Hanging out on Bourbon Street

As you can imagine, Bourbon Street gets pretty busy at night!

If, and when we return...Linda wants to try a Beignet at Cafe Du Monde 
We would also like to visit the cemeteries...and maybe a haunted tour.


Terry said...

Fun fun fun! Well we did it! Steve is now fully retired and we are going to sell the CA house. We did buy a house in WI, so for now will be back and forth! Have a great Sunday!

Becca said...

Looks like fun! Love the baby gator. :-)