Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cape Cod, Mass Apr 23-May 1, 2016

Our last stop before settling down in Maine for the Summer was at Gateway to Cape Cod RV Resort.  It's located in Rochester - Just outside of Cape Cod.  We saw lots of places, but didn't have time to see everything in the area, so it would be fun to stay here again.

We went to the top of Pilgrim Monument.  It's a 250 foot tall monument that was constructed over 100 years ago, and it commemorates the first landing of the Mayflower in 1620.  5 weeks later, they landed at Plymouth.

We really enjoyed visiting Provincetown.  It's on the tip of Cape Cod.  It's easy to see why it's the most popular town on the Cape.

The streets in Provincetown are narrow, and bicycles are a good way to see the town.

An old structure at the end of the Fisherman's Wharf in the Provincetown Harbor

Taking a little rest at this very nautical themed bench.

The Nauset Lighthouse was the inspiration for the Cape Cod Potato Chips Logo.  The factory is actually in Hyannis.  We had a great lunch in Hyannis at the Black Cat Tavern.  We also had time to drive around Hyannis Port - where the Kennedy's have several homes.  

These 3 lighthouses are known as the 'Three Sisters'.  The 3 lights are only 15 feet tall, and 150 feet apart, but provided a distinct pattern for the ships to recognize

We rode our bikes on this 21 mile trail - The Shining Sea Bikeway.  It's relatively flat, so it was pretty easy.

Part of the trail was along the this beautiful stretch of turquoise beachfront.

Cranberry Bogs are abundant in this area.  They aren't very colorful yet as they won't be harvested until the Fall.

We caught a glimpse of this lighthouse while we were on the Ferry to Martha's Vineyard

We noticed quite a few sailboats as we got closer to the harbor

Oak Harbor on Martha's Vineyard has many of these quaint little houses.  They look like colorful Gingerbread Houses.

While the pine trees were beautiful, it made it difficult for us to get satellite TV and cellular internet signals.

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Davi said...

Hey Ive been to a couple of those places, good to see them again, since its been 25 years ago! Lots of interesting places you are getting to see. Im sure you will really enjoy you stay in Maine :)