Saturday, April 16, 2016

Intercourse, PA April 8-15, 2016

We spent a week near Intercourse, Pennsylvania at Spring Gulch RV Park.  The campground was a little pricey, but what a beautiful area.  We were surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside.  There was gorgeous farmland and Amish culture everywhere.  While driving through dozens of small villages and rural areas, we noticed that literally every home and farm looked very neat and junk or weeds or anything out of place. 

Amish Horse & Buggy...on their way to town.

Heading back home at dusk...

There were so many scenes like this...We saw farmers with plows driven by teams of horses, Amish women working in the yard, children on wagons being pulled by a pony, and other quaint images.  However, we learned that the Amish don't like to be photographed, so we tried to respect their privacy.

The snow was beginning to fall at the campground

Acre after acre of green fields and grassy lawns

A short visit to Hershey, Pennsylvania

We spent a day in Philadephia.  This is a photo of their City Hall

Locals and tourists enjoying the day

What trip to Philadelphia would be complete with enjoying a Philly Cheese Steak!!

We enjoyed the Hop-On Hop-Off double-decker tour bus while in Philly.

Our tour guide provided us with some interesting information about their great city.

These two towns were only a couple of miles apart...Does Pennsylvania have a sense of humor or what??

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