Friday, September 30, 2016

Door County, Wisconsin Sep 26-30, 2016

We both really loved staying in Door County, Wisconsin.  We camped at Peninsula State Park.  They get over 1 million visitors annually...and I can see why.  It's located right on the waters of Green Bay - Lake Michigan.  Door County consists of a number of quaint, small villages and towns.  It's often referred to as the "Cape Cod of the Midwest".
We also had a chance to attend a live Comedy Play called "Guys and Does".  It was a whimsical excursion into the world of Wisconsin deer-hunting, where Fritz and Duane travel Up Nort' to get away from it all, with a little male bonding.

Miles of Hiking and Biking Trails throughout the park.  It was fun until Linda's tire went flat...getting back was a little tough!

In the town of Sister Bay is Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant.  What makes it unique is the grass rooftop with goats hanging out.

I had the Poutine - much better than the McDonalds Poutine I had in Canada.  Linda enjoyed the Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberrys.  She thought it tasted a lot like cranberries!

You can't take a trip to Door County without trying a traditional Fish Boil

Near the end of the boil process, they dump Kerosene on the fire.  It causes a huge boilover

Then the fish are removed from the pot...and it's dinner time!

This is the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.  It's located at Peninsula State Park

We loved our campsite...It was surrounded by trees

Sunset over Lake Michigan.  Another Great Day!

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