Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada Sep 14-18, 2016

After visiting Niagara, we continued on through Ontario, Canada.  We camped at Pinery Provincial Park which is located right on Lake Huron.  The park is over 25 square km (10 sq miles), with over 1200 campsites.  

Watching the sunset over Lake Huron

Overlooking Lake Huron at Sunset

Walking the boardwalk path to the beach

After sunset, we rode our bikes back to the campsite on the Savannah Trail

Time for another kayak ride on the Ausable Channel.  It's located right in the campground.

Ausable Channel that empties into Lake Huron

We saw a bunch of these wild turkeys every morning.

They are a lot of fun to watch.  
Sometimes, they fly up into the trees.  Apparently, they sleep in the trees to avoid predators.

The squirrels in this part of Canada and Niagara Falls area are Black in Color.  Kind of different than what we are used to seeing.

Our campsite had ample space, but was a little awkward tying to figure out which way to park the rig.  Luckily, we had a 30 Amp extension cord, because our power pole was quite a distance from the RV. 

We visited several towns north of the campgrounds, including Grand Bend, Goderich...and our favorite - Bayfield
I had a tough time getting Linda out of the little shops in Bayfield. Thank goodness we got there late and they were closing.  I planned that just right. LOL  

We couldn't visit Canada without trying some Poutine (French Fries smothered in Gravy and Cheese Curds)  and what finer place than McDonalds???  
Linda wouldn't even look at it.


Becca said...

Great post! Beauty all around! Huh...whenever I'm with Russ visiting places the shops are always about to close! Lol

Davi said...

Such beautiful country you are seeing! I have always wanted to see the falls. A sweet pic of you two watching the sunset. Have to agree with Linda on the fries :)

Diana Paxton said...

Hi Guys! Beautiful photographs as usual. Bayfield looks like a quaint town. How would you both like to camp host for 1200 sites???! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Fantastic places you are seeing and experiencing. Come back to COLORADO! ;) Love and miss you!!

Linda said...

Wonderful pics. Miss you two, hopefully our paths will cross again, if not,my summer was made better just to have known you.
Your trip looks to be a lot of fun and adventure, take care.