Saturday, October 8, 2016

Big River Resort - Wabasha, MN Oct 2-6, 2016

We stayed at Big River Resort - cleverly named after the Mississippi River.  Wabasha, Minnesota is about 80 miles Southeast of Minneapolis.  Like most of the midwest, it's surrounded by beautiful farms, lakes and rivers.

Wabasha is the home of the National Eagle Center.  Due to it's location on the Mississippi River, it's a perfect place to see eagles as they migrate each year.  While driving in the area, we were lucky enough to see several eagles in flight very close to the truck.

This is one of five eagles that have been raised here in captivity.  They were all previously injured, so they could never survive on their own...but they are very well taken care of ...and quite spoiled!

In Minneapolis, we took a walk along the river near St. Anthony Falls

Downtown Minneapolis Skyline seen from the Stone Arch Bridge that spans the Mississippi

Same shot, Different view.

The Mall of America is huge!  Besides having over 500 stores, there is an amuzement park, aquarium and several hotels all located in the mall.

We had to visit the Spam Museum in Austin, MN.  Linda was in heaven.....

Red Wing, Minnesota is home to Red Wing Shoe Company.  At size 638D, it's the worlds largest boot!

Our campsite was nicely manicured with a view overlooking the soybean fields.

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Davi said...

More beautiful country and fun places to see! That is quite the boot!!