Friday, September 30, 2016

Door County, Wisconsin Sep 26-30, 2016

We both really loved staying in Door County, Wisconsin.  We camped at Peninsula State Park.  They get over 1 million visitors annually...and I can see why.  It's located right on the waters of Green Bay - Lake Michigan.  Door County consists of a number of quaint, small villages and towns.  It's often referred to as the "Cape Cod of the Midwest".
We also had a chance to attend a live Comedy Play called "Guys and Does".  It was a whimsical excursion into the world of Wisconsin deer-hunting, where Fritz and Duane travel Up Nort' to get away from it all, with a little male bonding.

Miles of Hiking and Biking Trails throughout the park.  It was fun until Linda's tire went flat...getting back was a little tough!

In the town of Sister Bay is Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant.  What makes it unique is the grass rooftop with goats hanging out.

I had the Poutine - much better than the McDonalds Poutine I had in Canada.  Linda enjoyed the Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberrys.  She thought it tasted a lot like cranberries!

You can't take a trip to Door County without trying a traditional Fish Boil

Near the end of the boil process, they dump Kerosene on the fire.  It causes a huge boilover

Then the fish are removed from the pot...and it's dinner time!

This is the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.  It's located at Peninsula State Park

We loved our campsite...It was surrounded by trees

Sunset over Lake Michigan.  Another Great Day!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Elkhart, IN Sep 18-24, 2016 - Elgin, IL Sep 24-26, 2016

We needed some repairs done on the RV, so we stayed in Elkhart, Indiana for a a motel...while the repairs were done.  This town is all about RVs and Motorhomes.  The majority of RVs are built right here.  Elkhart is situated near the Amish country.  In fact, much of the cabinetry and furniture used in RVs are built by Amish workers.  They works right alongside the English workers and are an important part of the community.  After Elkhart, we went to Chicago to visit my sisterShari and her family.  It was a lot of fun seeing everyone!

These elk statues can be found all over Elkhart.  This one was right in front of the RV/Motorhome Hall of Fame

The Riverwalk District Trail connects the Garden and Arts & Entertainment Districts in downtown Elkhart

We found this Artesian Well on our walk...I wish we could bottle it up and take it with us!!

We went on a self-guided driving tour called the Heritage Trail.  It took us through several nearby towns including Middlebury, Bristol and Shipshewana.

These Amish buggies can be seen in many areas.  We even seen them parked at the Kohls shopping center!

Linda met up with some more Instagram Friends.  We all had dinner in St. Joseph, Michigan, a quaint little beach town on the Lake Michigan coast.

Sunset over Lake Michigan seen from St Joseph, Michigan

We took a day trip to Chicago to visit our nephew A.J. ...He has a real nice apartment in a great area of town.  It's within easy walking distance to the train, shopping and restaurants.  Pretty cool!!

The RV/Motorhome Hall of Fame and Museum has a huge variety of historical RVs dating back to the very first RV from 1913

This Housecar was built for Mae West in 1931.  

The Heartland RV factory is looking at our RV to see what work needs to be done

They removed the bedroom slide-out, and peeled the front cap off...and cut out areas of fiberglass...They added lots of aluminum and steel reinforcements to keep everything more rigid.  They did a real good job.

Shari, John and the whole gang.  Thanks for inviting us over!  It was great seeing everyone again!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada Sep 14-18, 2016

After visiting Niagara, we continued on through Ontario, Canada.  We camped at Pinery Provincial Park which is located right on Lake Huron.  The park is over 25 square km (10 sq miles), with over 1200 campsites.  

Watching the sunset over Lake Huron

Overlooking Lake Huron at Sunset

Walking the boardwalk path to the beach

After sunset, we rode our bikes back to the campsite on the Savannah Trail

Time for another kayak ride on the Ausable Channel.  It's located right in the campground.

Ausable Channel that empties into Lake Huron

We saw a bunch of these wild turkeys every morning.

They are a lot of fun to watch.  
Sometimes, they fly up into the trees.  Apparently, they sleep in the trees to avoid predators.

The squirrels in this part of Canada and Niagara Falls area are Black in Color.  Kind of different than what we are used to seeing.

Our campsite had ample space, but was a little awkward tying to figure out which way to park the rig.  Luckily, we had a 30 Amp extension cord, because our power pole was quite a distance from the RV. 

We visited several towns north of the campgrounds, including Grand Bend, Goderich...and our favorite - Bayfield
I had a tough time getting Linda out of the little shops in Bayfield. Thank goodness we got there late and they were closing.  I planned that just right. LOL  

We couldn't visit Canada without trying some Poutine (French Fries smothered in Gravy and Cheese Curds)  and what finer place than McDonalds???  
Linda wouldn't even look at it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Niagara Falls - Sep 9-14, 2016

Niagara Falls was even better than we expected.  There are so many different viewpoints on all different sides of the falls.  It really is breathtaking.  We camped at Darien Lakes State Park, about 20 miles from Buffalo, NY.  Since Labor Day was over, we had nearly the whole park to ourselves...and the weather was perfect!

Overlooking the American Falls from the Canadian side

The American Falls on the left...and the Horsehoe Falls on the right

At dusk, the falls are illuminated with multiple colors.  The Canadian skyline is in the background
Overlooking the American Falls from another angle.  The Rainbow bridge is in the background

The American Falls overlooking the Canadian skyline

Such a massive and forceful amount of water is amazing
We rode our bicycles from Goat Island to all the various viewpoints on the USA side of the falls.

It's fun to watch the tourboats navigating through the rough waters of the Niagara River

The Rainbow bridge that crosses between the two countries.

We sure enjoyed all the space at Darien Lakes State Park.  We only had a few neighbors, and they were very far away.

This bridge crossed over to an island at Darien Lakes Campground

We also visited the original site of the Erie Canal.  The original canal was over 300 miles long and only 4 feet deep, but it allowed for goods to be transported from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes.

Resting on a large Adirondack chair while we visited Canalside in Buffalo.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Glimmerglass State Park-Cooperstown, NY Sep 6-9, 2016

After spending our Summer in Maine, it's time to head west...our first stop was at Glimmerglass Lake State Park in Cooperstown, NY.  Cooperstown is the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Glimmerglass Lake

This is one of the reasons we love to stay at state parks.
Most State Parks have views that just don't quit. 

Glimmerglass Lake

Now that's a lot of grass to mow.. 

Hyde Hall Bridge
This is a covered bridge in the park.  Built in 1825, it's one of the oldest covered bridges in the United States

It was originally built to access Hyde Hall, a country mansion.  It was built using a 53 foot span consisting of a Burr Truss Arch.  At nearly 200 years old, it shows the skills of master carpenters.

Linda spotted this beaver near the covered bridge.

Our campsite was tucked in the trees.

Site #36 is the best site in the park.  It has a long driveway with plenty of privacy.

Downtown Cooperstown is all about baseball...

The town is surrounded by trees on all sides.  It seems so nice now, but I'll bet the winters get pretty cold.

Molly is resting after a 6-hour day on the road...