Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Santa Barbara, CA July 7-12, 2017

We made it to Santa Barbara without a flat tire.  That's exciting!!  The traffic was terribly slow, so it took us most of the day, but once we got settled in, it was worth it.  With the temperatures in the high 70s, it's a great feeling.

Just another day at the beach, except the sign posted at the right reads "Recent Confirmed Shark Sighting".  I don't think we will be swimming today!

The boardwalk along the Santa Barbara beach was busy with lots of bikes, surreys, and walkers.

When we visit Santa Barbara, we always make a point to try some good seafood.  This was the Cioppino Seafood Stew in a sourdough bread favorite!

This artist was busy creating a very realistic sand sculpture

Tonight is "Cook Your Own Steak Night" at the Elks Lodge.  They let you choose your meat, then season and grill to your liking.  And yes, I was also wearing a hawaiian shirt...what are the chances??

Santa Barbara was experiencing a wildfire near Cachuma Lake.  The sky was filled with smoke, but it didn't really affect us in town.

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